Treasury Products

The ultimate goal is to manage the firm's liquidity and mitigating its operational, financial and reputational risk.

Giving you more opportunities to invest.

Treasury products include a firm’s collections, disbursements, concentration, investment and funding activities all round


This allows buying and selling a specific amount of foreign currency at a specified exchange rate, for settlement in a given number of working days.  



Money Market Deposits

Our money market account is a cash flow management solution offering you easy access to your funds, and making cash readily accessible should you need it. It’s a safe, secure and reliable way to manage your investment

Treasury Bills

This is a short-term debt security with maturity of not more than one year. It is issued in fixed tenures and interest paid up front.


About Us

Our business strategy is built on being the bank of choice for businesses across the African continent. Using our extensive spread across the continent, we aim to facilitate inter–and-intra-African trade and also be the pivot for the inflow of investment capital

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