UBA FxGO Trade Service

UBA FxGO is a state of the art web-based FX trading platform that will enable our clients to execute FX trades from anywhere and on the go and at best prices.

Banking made easy, flexible and reliable

This platform will allow our clients to access liquidity when it suits them, manage their positions and optimize their FX activities.

UBA FxGO Trade Service​

The platform allows UBA’s Clients to execute FX trades (Purchase and Sale of Foreign currency) via a web-based platform. 

This platform will have the capability of offering over 12 African currencies as well as most international currencies.


  • Extremely fast
  • Simple to use
  • Space efficient use of desktop or mobile phone
  • Access to liquidity in over 12 African currencies and Global G10 currencies
  • Centralized Trading: ability to execute regionally from a central platform
  • Global Reach: One stop global FX Platform